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Midi Sync to RC300

Postby Striple » 05:25, 30 April 2015

Hi all,

recently purchased Boss RC300 loop station, assuming easy sync to Juno-G and a new world of fun and games.

hmmm, not so easy.

Now I am reading the RC300 is a dog for syncing, however cannot find anything specific to the JunoG. Manuals followed, tests done, buttons pressed by the hundred, google searches etc, day wasted, bored now!

Can anyone advise any obvious tricks I may be missing, or know if these machines are even compatible?

RC300 is master, (internal), Juno slave. (Apparently RC300 hates being slave). Have tested Juno sync to TD5 and MC303 and Juno is doing the MIDI thing, but the RC300 won't talk to any of these.
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