How to load new patches onto my Juno G.

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How to load new patches onto my Juno G.

Postby ragingchimp69 » 20:29, 10 August 2015

Hey, dudes and dudettes. Total noob question but this is all fairly new to me. I was wondering if someone could explain, in simple terms, how to get new patches onto my Roland Juno-G. I can't use librarian as I have discovered that my Mac's OS is too new (first world problems heh heh). I understand I can use .svd files but not sure exactly what the process of where to get those or how to load them using my card or internal memory works. I'm specifically looking for a nice Fender Rhodes patch or wuli or something of that groovy nature. I tried downloading tweakbook like someone suggested, but it came as a .jgl file and seeing as I don't have librarian, I can't use it. Is there any text that would be helpful or could someone explain in simple terms how to utilize this aspect of the keyboard?
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