Screen issue: Europe vs United States

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Screen issue: Europe vs United States

Postby silverleo » 13:15, 28 November 2015

Hi all.

Roland is sourcing *brand new* lcd (along with software update) that seems to be the final fix.
They are cheap, also (74$ at US roland shop) :

What about the world outside the United States?
Here in Italy there's no way to buy the lcd: you need to contact a service center, that will charge over 200€ for the job, that every underskilled monkey with a screwdriver will be able to accomplish.
Same lack of fortune trying to buy in UK, or Germany.

Does Roland europe really exists? Why don't they distribute the spare part easily available in US?
Please, if you are a Roland employee, please don't tell me to buy it at US shop: there are over 150$ of shipment fees, and an unspecified amount of taxes and time at local customs....

Am I the only DIY in Europe willing to change its own lcd screen?
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