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New Juno G use recording questions

Postby eddmdoyle » 08:26, 19 August 2016

Hi all, I am a new user to the Juno G and this is also my first workstation so I have a couple of questions you might be able to help me with;

1. can I adjust the levels of individual midi tracks when creating a song?

2. when recording what is the easiest way of specifying individual track lengths- I can go as far as 16 measures on the Juno after that I am confused with the punch in/out etc, I tried "entire song" but it says I don't have enough memory so do I need the memory expansion board fitted?

3. Can I incorporate my audio tracks with the midi tracks when making a song, when I create a new song it only shows 16 midi tracks how do I bring in the audio?

Only got the Juno G and love it but its a whole new world to me as I am used to my JDXI.
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Re: New Juno G use recording questions

Postby Leo Castro » 14:49, 12 October 2016

Hi, Juno G is a very good workstation!

Please read the owners manual. You will discover a lot of shortcuts and answers.

1: yes, you can adjust the individual midi track volume in the mixer screen.
2: when you record midi track the length ends when you press "stop", if you are talking of audio, you will need the extra ram and compact flash to record as long as you wish and then can save it.
3: press audio track button to record the audio tracks along the midi, select track 1 - 4 and press record!

Enjoy your keyboard!
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