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New workstation

Postby Dukemoney » 04:38, 1 April 2013

Roland on your new workstation when ever it comes out put a usb 3 connection on it with ability to transfer all 16 tracks simultaneously into a DAW. The key word is audio (not midi) and simultaneously. People do it one track at a time and thats crazy and some people just cant get all the ins and outs right so make it easy. I believe if Roland does that not only will the other big three follow but the public will eat it up and thats what we are waiting for. You can be the next M1 of workstations in the words of nike just do it. Keep Roland style of production love sequencers you all make love all bells on fantom x and g and some good sounds a little more user installable memory and boom 16 track beast if you can't beat em join em.
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Re: New workstation

Postby huggles » 12:09, 10 September 2013

Dude, just so you know, this is not a roland site, is not sanctioned by roland and I doubt anyone from roland even bothers to read this forum. You would be better off writing your congressman than posting sugestions here.
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