Roland octapad 8 live setup

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Roland octapad 8 live setup

Postby paulstefandutoit » 18:59, 26 May 2015

Hi there.

I'm a drummer looking to start using sampling pads both for studio and live use. I've concluded that the roland SPD-SX is the perfect bit of kit, but it i'm a student and need to do this on the cheap. (Also I live in South-Africa so instruments are a bit more expensive here.) Also I've been looking for months and have not been able to find an spd-s. So i'm looking to create a setup with similar capabilities, for allot cheaper using older equipment( and maybe combining an octapad with a looping machine or whatever) and have made peace with the obvious lack in quality that I might experience and the hassle of getting it set up propperly.

What I want to do is trigger sounds while playing drums from, probably, an octapad. I do not intend to use it as a main kit and will use it for synth sounds, effects, weird things like that, additional drum sounds where needed like a fat kick or a extra snare sound and would also like to play longer samples like for instance a 2 bar synth loop ( if at all possible). What would be a bonus, but not sure how realistic it would be, is to be able to do live looping with this setup e.g. I want to be able to create a beat or effects loop that I can record and play back, freeing me up to play drums or other sounds on top of this loop playing in the background.

Also I want to be able to add my own sounds/loops and not be limited to whatever the drum module or octapad has on board. I've considered getting a midi interface and triggering sounds from my laptop with the octapad, but this apparently is a laggy setup and will obviously not work live.

At the moment i'm looking at an octapad 8 as the "trigger", but obviously require a drum module and/or looping machine to add my own sounds and create loops. I've also been suggested an roland r70 drum machine. I know it can create loops, nut wasn't able to find out if it accepts external input.

I know very little about these things and it's difficult to get accurate information about how each piece of kit works and what its capabilities are. I would really appreciate any help, advice or nudge in the right direction.
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