Problems with SR JV-80 "versions"

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Problems with SR JV-80 "versions"

Postby João Valter » 01:55, 1 November 2016

I just received my SR JV 80-02 Orchestral Expansion Board for my JV 1000.

But it doesn't work! The workstation recognize it but don´t load the sounds!

So, making a search, I noted that there are TWO DIFERENT ARCHITECTURE OF THIS BOARD: like two versions. And, I think, mine is the newest (1999). I saw some JV 1000 on videos that the board was the first verson (1992) and it worked nice!

My questioin is: why Roland never explaned it? Now I have a board that is lost money. I´d like to ask some help... could you change my board? I send you the mine and you provide me an version that work in my keyboard.


João Valter Ferreira Filho
Campina Grande - Paraíba - Brazil
João Valter
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