MC505 mad pitch

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MC505 mad pitch

Postby rhaaboudin » 12:31, 10 February 2013

when reading a pattern, the pitch of the selected instrument changes randomly, and once it has begun it sticks to it, so if you select every track, one after another, you end up with a silly pattern with nonsense notes everywhere.

and when one try to play one single note the keyboard, its pitch jumps randomly with no apparent reason everytime it's re-triggered.

on another hand, when it comes to recording, performing the "real time erase function" opens the "erase Ctune cc211" window instead of the usual "erase note" window, and scrolling is no way: every half second takes the window back to "erase Ctune cc211"

Anybody can help ?
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Re: MC505 mad pitch

Postby DrSnook » 12:06, 11 March 2017

No solution but I'm having many issues with the pitch randomly changing too.
And now recently the coarse pitch seems to have attached itself to the Cutoff rotary control.
I've looked through all the settings and can;t find where this would be possible as a setting so I'm working on the basis that there's a problem with the potentiometer and this needs replaced.

Will let you know how it goes.... if indeed you are still using a 505 and/or are alive
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