MC909 Update using memory card via USB?

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MC909 Update using memory card via USB?

Postby circatron » 14:39, 29 August 2015

Hey all!

when updating my mc909 firmware from 1.1 to 1.23 I seem to hit a snag. I use the usb function of my mac to place the update file onto my 64gb smart media card in the MC909 itself. When i restart it sometimes it will go blank and say 'update mode" . Then it says MC909 Groovebox and it freezes there until you reset the power.

Do you absolutely have to have an EXTERNAL reader to write the updater file to the smart media card?

Many thanks!
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Re: MC909 Update using memory card via USB?

Postby circatron » 17:00, 29 August 2015

Update: OK so I ran a copy of windows and formatted the memory card via the PC at FAT ( not fat32() the updATE ran, finally. BUT now......It gets frozen on the roland MC splash screen.
I ran the update a few times and its goes thru and says OK but won't boot after that..
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Re: MC909 Update using memory card via USB?

Postby ZipSnipe » 01:44, 1 March 2017

You did it wrong and you will need a CF card reader(they are old skool)

MC-909 System program (Ver.1.23)
2007.3.20 (C) Roland Corporation
The MC-909 system program update will update the system program of your MC-909 to the most recent version. Before you begin this process, please check the system program version of your MC-909.

-- What is the MC-909 system program? -------------------------------------
This system program will update your MC-909 to the most recent software version.

-- Changes ---------------------------------------------------------------

[Ver. 1.22 -> Ver. 1.23]
- Resolves an issue that prevented the MC-909 from storing a RPS setting.

-- Items required for updating the MC-909 --------------------------------

- The MC-909 itself
- A SmartMedia card having a capacity of from 32 MB to 128 MB, initialized by the MC-909
* If you are using Mac OS X, please prepare a SmartMedia card having a capacity of 64 MB or more.
- A SmartMedia card reader/writer
- A computer that can use the above card reader/writer

-- Checking the system version ---------------------------------------------
Check the system version of your MC-909 before you download the update.

1. Press [MENU] to access the Top Menu screen.

2. With "System" selected, press [ENTER] to enter the System screen.

3. Press [F6] (System Info) to enter the System Info screen.

4. At this point, press [F4] (Version) and the version number will be displayed.

* If your MC-909 already has the most recent system version, you don't need to perform the update.

-- Cautions regarding the update (Important!) ----------------------------------

* Don't use this system for any product other than the MC-909. Doing so may damage the data or system of the other product.

* We recommend that you save your user data before performing the update. If an unexpected accident causes the user data to be lost, you can restore the MC-909 to its previous condition by reloading the data you saved. Refer to the owner's manual for the procedure.

* Never turn off the power of the MC-909 while the update is in progress. If the power is accidentally turned off during this process, the MC-909's system will be destroyed, rendering the unit inoperable.

* We regret that we cannot answer questions regarding this system program. Please perform the update on your own responsibility, following the instructions given here.

-- Update procedure------------------------------------------------------

1. Prepare your computer and card reader/writer for use, and insert the SmartMedia card into the card reader/writer.

2. Download and extract the system program updater.

3. Open the "MC909_123" folder that was created when you extracted the file; it will contain a "ROLAND" folder. Copy the "ROLAND" folder to the SmartMedia card.

* There will already be a "ROLAND" folder in a SmartMedia card that was formatted by the MC-909. In this case, delete the folder or overwrite it.

4. Remove the SmartMedia card from the card reader/writer as follows.

[ Safely removing the SmartMedia card ]

- Windows users
Click the Safely Remove Hardware button located in the task bar at the bottom right of the screen, and terminate the connection with the card reader/writer. Then remove the SmartMedia card from the card reader/writer.

- Macintosh users
Drag the card reader/writer drive icon into the trash. Then remove the SmartMedia card from the card reader/writer.

5. With the MC-909's power turned off, insert the above SmartMedia card into the MC-909.

6. Turn on the power of the MC-909, and the update will begin automatically.

The update will require approximately three minutes.

7. The update is finished when the below message is displayed.
* *
* OK! *
* *

8. Switch off the MC-909's power, and remove the SmartMedia card.

Switch the MC-909's power back on, and verify that it has been updated to the most recent version.

[ Note ]
If you switch on the power without removing the SmartMedia card, the update will be performed again. If you want to use this SmartMedia card with the MC-909 for normal operation, you must format the card on the MC-909.

-- Other cautions-----------------------------------------------------------

- Distributing the included files to another network, modifying them, or including them with a magazine or any commercial product without permission is forbidden.

- Roland Corporation takes no responsibility for any damages (including but not limited to loss of profit or data, or any other monetary loss) that may result from the use of, or the inability to use this software. This shall also apply even if Roland Corporation had received prior notice of the possibility of such damages.

- Trademarks and registered trademarks in this document are the property of the respective corporations.
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