MC-909 BMP problems

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MC-909 BMP problems

Postby rodrigo177 » 17:10, 16 November 2015

Hi, I´m new in the MC-909 world so I have been get used to it little by little, but I have a problem that it is not importatn but, even I tried to figure it out what´s happend it was impossible for me to resolve it.

The thing is:

If My BMP windows, witch is at the right / down the MC-909 appears a 80 BMP, when I look it at the screen (menu F6) the number IT IS NO 80, but is higher (93 for example). And when I compare the real beat -with my kaossilator- the munber at the BMP screen is OK... As you can see the thing it is not a serious problem but it is rare and I would like to know how to solve, hope you can help me.

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Re: MC-909 BMP problems

Postby bonerton » 06:19, 11 February 2016

Hey, hopefully you got it figured out by now, but sounds to me like your problem is with the turntable emulation slider. When it is up or down, it warps the pitch/bpm like a turntable does. As an added note, when I'm sequencing other machines from the 909 and use the turntable slider, the slaved machines bpm corresponds with the warp, which is cool.
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