Question about 505

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Question about 505

Postby Cerin » 16:55, 12 July 2017

I'm a n00b and am trying to figure a couple things out.

If I were to sync the looper via usb to a Mac with q-labs in a live show how do you go about it? Do you play q-labs first and then just start recording on the 505 and it simply is just synced in with midi click?

Once you have establish say a simple 2 measure loop but you wanted a 4 measure loop on the 2nd phrase button will it just play the first loop twice or only allow a 2 measure record time on the 2nd phrase?

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Re: Question about 505

Postby Electribe_noodler » 17:42, 13 July 2017

I presume you're talking about the Boss RC505. I don't know about computer syncing, but you can have different length loops per phrase, you have to set it in the phrase. Auto will make it the same as the first phrase.

You can completely un-sync them if you wish by turning loop sync off, but unless you're very good, it'll end up all drifting out of time.
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