Looking for TR-style drum module with cv trigger in

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Looking for TR-style drum module with cv trigger in

Postby tomatoKetchup » 12:44, 23 September 2017

Hi all,

Just recently acquired the excellent Arturia Beatstep Pro and all those trigger outs in the back are crying to get plugged in! I don't wanna spend a fortune on old analog drum machines so I'm looking for some drum module the likes of the Novation Drum Station, but with CV in functionality. I want to stay in the under-€500/$600 range for price. I don't mind if it's analog, analog modeling or sample-based. Ideally I'd be looking at a decent clone of the 707/808/909 drum machines in terms of sound. Don't really have room for a drum machine so a rack-unit style module would fit me better (especially since the Beatstep Pro will provide me with the pads and sequencer, so these are not necessary on the module itself).

The Novation Drum Station is the closest I've come across so far but as I said there's no cv trigger in. Anything similar with CV functionality out there? Any advice welcome!
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