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V-Synth Cracked Board

Postby vsyn7425 » 12:39, 6 January 2017

Hi all on the clan forum and happy new year. I've got a bit of a dilemma and would like anybodys advice.
Due to placing on a stand which subsequently collapsed my V-synth has ended up with a cracked PANEL-L
circuit board. This is the circuit board that houses the DBeam, Arpeggio, Time Trip Pad etc switches and
knobs. The board has a crack across it that appears to affect the middle bit physical functions such as the
Arp, Time Trip and maybe the C1 and C2 controls.

Have looked on the internet for a replacement circuit board but have drawn a blank so wonder if anyone
has any ideas? i.e. would the circuit board be repairable, would it be best to sell for spares or repairs or strip
down and sell individual parts. Other than the circuit board mentioned above all seems to work ok. Not sure
if all the controllers are duplicated and can be controlled via the Touchscreen.

As there appears to be next to no spares at all for the V-Synth maybe it would be beneficial to other owners
to strip down the V-Synth and use as an organ donor (no pun intended, the v-synth is far more than an organ!).

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Re: V-Synth Cracked Board

Postby Rodan » 00:00, 7 January 2017

Ooh, bad luck vsyn7425, but welcome to the clan.

This is probably a simple two sided board. If so it is likely repairable. If you or a friend have some experience with a soldering iron, I have heard of others successfully making repairs by soldering short jumper wires across the crack for each trace. Again, there could be an issue if the crack runs under a component, but with a little nerve, it is worth a try.
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Re: V-Synth Cracked Board

Postby LA Keys » 01:20, 7 January 2017

It is definitively a standard 2 sided pc board. It is then repairable as Rodan mentioned.

I've actually did this a few times. I usually use a single wire of a braided wire to jump across the crack. Note that you absolutely need to put a jumper wire, using only solder will NOT work.

This is something that most qualified electronic technician could do. I suggest that you bring the board to some repair shop and ask for an estimate for the repair cost (doesn't need to be an electronic unstrument repair shop). I think the repair will cost you anywhere between $100 to $ 200 depending of the amount of tracks to repair.

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Re: V-Synth Cracked Board

Postby vsyn7425 » 12:29, 8 January 2017

Thanks for your replies Rodan and LA Keys. Sensible advice to try and have the board repaired first as
I've nothing to lose really. I have a friend who's a retired engineer who said it could probably be repaired
using the techniques you mention, but first suggested I try to source a replacement board. The reason
I'd prefer to have a replacement board is that I was thinking of selling the keyboard and wouldn't like to sell
it with a repaired board so would have to keep it.

Another option would be to sacrifice the V-Synth for the good of others but anybody know or can offer some insight into if there's much demand for spares?
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