newbie question - adding sounds via usb

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newbie question - adding sounds via usb

Postby darko787 » 02:14, 23 September 2016

Hello all!

my girlfriend just recently got a Vsynth and eventhough she is very satisfied with it, i hear her say she will have to add a more traditional piano sound to it. since her birthday is coming and she has been very busy, i would like to do her that favor, but my problem is that i absolutely suck at it (cause im a drummer and we generally suck at things :P )

i have found out about this site and i downloaded JayBs v synth collection of patches because i understood there was a piano sound there... ?

now i have questions:
1. how can i figure out which sound is the piano sound? cause there is millions and i have randomly picked by name but none was right. actually there is a few .wav files that are grand piano but patches...are there any ready?
2. how can i add it on v synth using just a USB cable? i have tried to do as the manual says, but somehow it doesnt work. i will describe what im doing:

- connect vsynth to macbook via usb
-on vsynth go to Mode-USB-Internal
- on macbook open Internal.prj
- put .wav file on wave folder (at first it says there is no free space, but once i managed to erase something and throw it there)
*here comes the problem*
can I turn .wav to .p00? I have no clue what else i can erase from this vsynth, but i belive there is free space for .p00, right?
I couldnt get my .wav file to play on vsynth, i tried to go to Mode-Sample-save the sample, but it aint nowhere in the soundbank neither does it play on the edit screen.

what am i doing wrong? thanks for your attention and plz help me be a gentleman :P
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