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V-Synth - or...

Postby blu3planet » 09:58, 26 January 2017

after I bought an Integra 7 based on the recommendation of the great people on this forum, I've been checking some videos of the V-Synth and it seems great.
Can you tell me anything about it? is the more than 10 years old VA technology still fresh sounding? I'm basically looking at the XT model.
Integra 7's SN Synth (VA) has some bad aliasing. I'm not particularly fond of that engine in the I7. All the acoustic stuff, XV stuff, etc, are all amazing!
How is the VA of the V-Synth in comparison, and also maybe in comparison to other VA modeling synths like the AN1X?
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Re: V-Synth - or...

Postby Saxifraga » 23:35, 2 February 2017

You are right. The synth engine of the Integra is not the best esp. PWM is terrible. It's not VA but sample based.
I got a used V-Synth XT and Jamas Analog Patch library https://youtu.be/mIq716_A330 . I have no VA synth that sounds more analog than the V-Synth. It's such a beast. I would even buy a V-Synth keyboard if I could find one for 800€ or so.
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Re: V-Synth - or...

Postby Minocan » 22:19, 6 March 2017

Some people might be off put because of COSM filters, but VA part in V is really, really good (normal waveforms, HQ waveforms, ramp & juno waveforms, supersaws, cross mod and feedback osc) and each oscillator come with dedicated envelopes...
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Re: V-Synth - or...

Postby lello Caliendo » 10:59, 24 April 2017

I've got a v-synth this month, and i find the VA section pretty terrible... also filters, nothing of so special
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Re: V-Synth - or...

Postby system 8 Beta User » 00:33, 28 April 2017

Yes, OSC from V-Synth XT has some bad aliasing. But Synth Engin are outstanding settings for Sound Desing,
Vocoder and FX Slot the highest quality studio sound ever!

Great Arp & Seq menu navigation and big nice Patch management :)

unique Synth!
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