V-Synth XT touch not responsive until after a few hours

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V-Synth XT touch not responsive until after a few hours

Postby blu3planet » 17:55, 27 February 2017

I'm about to purchase an XT, which is in great overall condition.
the only caveat is that on boot the touch screen is not very responsive. after a few hours its great and everything responds to the slightest touch.
is it a touch panel issue? i.e. an easy fix?
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Re: V-Synth XT touch not responsive until after a few hours

Postby dysamoria » 22:29, 11 November 2017

Since no one ever replied to you... did you buy it?

My V-Synth XT is the same. If i don't use it for a few days to weeks, a small bubble of moisture develops in the center of the digitzer. If you play with the angle of light on a dark V-Synth screen, you may see something similar (if you move your finger around on it, you'll see it moves around). Turning it on and leaving it on for an hour or so will dry it up and it works fine. i'm not sure how to avoid this, since i don't want to leave it on 24/7 just to be sure i can use it randomly. It is kept in a temperature-regulated room (AC in summer, electronics and body heat in winter, which is enough since it's the third floor).

Here's my own thread on this topic (i've since deleted the photo of the bubble, sorry about that): viewtopic.php?f=17&t=44433

Otherwise, mine still works fine. i don't know if it will ever just plain die on me like my Korg M3m's did.

Some people have replaced their touch screen digitizers, with mixed results. i hope never to have to do this myself. i was forced to replace the digitizer on my Korg M3m in order to get back to using it (it never showed any moisture bubbles, but became similarly unreliable and then died completely). i feel the same results with my Korg M3m repair as with the reports of V-Synth digitizer replacements (the new ones work but with less reliable continuous motion touches like drags, which are important when the display also acts as a control surface). viewtopic.php?f=17&t=32414&start=45#p303430
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