headphone output original v-synth

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headphone output original v-synth

Postby pietermeij » 14:05, 9 March 2017


I am the happy owner of an original V-Synth and most of the time I am using a pair of Beyer Dynamic DT-770 Pro headphones for listening. The have an impedance of 250 Ohm. However, they sound so loud...I can only adjust the main volume slider until the second horizontal marking on the slider, otherwise it is just too loud, it won't distort or produce noise ....it is just loud. The only way to have a little more freedom for playing with the volume slider is by going to the System page and lowering the output gain by 12 dB.

Could someone please verify with his or her V-Synth if you are experiencing the same thing? Is the headphone output really so loud, if not I do think there is something wrong with my V-Synth.

Many thanks and best regards!

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