varioOS help please

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varioOS help please

Postby Pizzagogo » 04:36, 22 June 2017

Hi posting here as Ive seen other variOS question in this section in the past so sorry if this should be under other Roland synths?

Cant seem to get the variOS-303 to install . i can get the vario8 to install no problem
(place the files in the flash drive of the varios then power off & power on holding the menu cursor buttons etc).

I follow exactly the same process with the 303 files but no luck it just goes straight to the Varios8 when i turn it on. It says in the manual you can scroll to the variso303/vdp-02 but i never get that option (scrolling doesn't do anything just boots to the varios08.
Its like it cant recognize the VDP-02 file that Ive put on internal the flash drive?

Please help if you can

thank you
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Re: varioOS help please

Postby Iceman777 » 07:54, 22 June 2017


Not sure if I can help much since I do not own the VarioOS, but I'll give it a try! :) I remember that the card should not be in the slot when the module is turned on when you are using it to store VariOS samples.

Also I remember that after completing all the installation procedures that are described in the manual, it becomes possible to boot both virtual synths from internal memory of the system or from the PC card. If you want to boot from the internal memory, just hold down the MENU and cursor buttons, and then turn the power on. After that you can choose your virtual synth, as long as you have it installed. You should press ENTER button after that.

Now you have another option of booting from the PC card. To do that you have to copy the .bin file of your virtual instrument (TB-303 in your case) to the CompactFlash card (if you have it), rename it as written in the manual. After that it should boot just the way it does from the VC card.

If you still have trouble getting it to work, try to turn VariOS off, remove PC card or a SD card if you have that. Then locate the menu buttons that are on the front panel, then see the JOG select/button knob. The trick is to hold all three of these down. Try to keep them held down, then use the other hand to turn on the power. It will bring you to the screen saying VP-01 or the other one. Use the JOG knob to select the one you need to load. It is all in getting these button pressing thing right. If it still does not work, another way is to connect VariOS to your computer and checking if the synths are there.

Hopefully, it helps! Let me know if there is anything else that I can be of help with! :)

- Denis / Iceman
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