Free Cool Added Functionality for V-Synth owners!

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Free Cool Added Functionality for V-Synth owners!

Postby mckayallday » 20:38, 28 June 2017

Okay, planet, we have success! So, you were hoping to use the knobs and faders on the original V-Synth to control your DAW (Ableton, Logic, etc.) but couldn't because most knobs only send SYSEX messages? Another anonymous user, myself, and my new friend Steve on the Bome forums created a preset for Bome MIDI Translator Pro that works to add functionality to the V-Synth! Now you have 24/25 additional knobs/faders that you can use to control your DAW, plug-ins, or other hardware! This is version 1.0 of the preset. I may remap to different CC messages at some point so they default to common synth parameters, but who knows? Maybe.
Note that some of the V-Synth controls are detented so there will be a physical bump when sweeping some parameters from 0-127 with those knobs. They still work well, though. However, some hardware knobs are smooth all the way and the faders now work to send CC's, too! Can someone try this on the V-Synth GT, too, and see if it works the same? I have the original with V2 software. I think the V-synth XT already sends CC's from the knobs.

Note that MIDI Translator Pro is paid software but you can use the trial for 20 minutes at a time to check it out and work with your rig. I am not affiliated with Bome in any way. Here is a link to the preset and some instructions I wrote for it. Hooray community power!

For hardware-only folks, I am wondering if this preset can be uploaded to the new Bomebox hardware translator? If so, perhaps you could just tack this onto your V-Synth hardware like a MIDI Thru box.


The preset is here: ... mg2V25oN2s

You'll need MIDI Translator Pro for this to work but you can try the free version with full time-limited functionality. I am not affiliated with Bome.
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