Use of D-Beam

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Use of D-Beam

Postby webdata » 05:00, 9 July 2017

Has anyone every come up with a practical use for the D-Beam? I can't believe that it persists in so many generations of Roland keyboards. It seems to be a rather useless feature. At least there is some usefulness to the Time Trip Pad. Also, has anyone used a breath controller with their V-Synth (such as the MRT breath controller)?
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Re: Use of D-Beam

Postby Hermax » 09:55, 10 July 2017

Never used the D-beam. On the contrary, had to switch it off because I wanted my V-synth to reside on the lowest part of the keyboard stand but the synth on the top made the D-beam constantly trigger.
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Re: Use of D-Beam

Postby dysamoria » 21:45, 11 November 2017

Since my V-Synth is the XT, lacking any D-Beams, my only product with a D-Beam is a VG99. It's cool that it works, but it doesn't seem to respond reliably to the end of my guitar unless i wrap something around it (like a pillow case) to make for a larger surface to bounce against (or maybe it's the shiny tuning hardware that's a problem). So i can't really play and perform the D-Beam with it at the same time. Anyone else find this workable? It also has a touch strip, but similar issues... i mean, a guitar is generally a two-handed instrument!

i wish the V-Synth XT had a D-Beam on it, since several patches are made to use it and i'm not really sure how to map an external controller to the same parameter in each case... i've tried to use the VG99's D-Beam and touch strip to control things on the V-Synth XT, but at that point, it requires mapping CCs to parameters and there's no native "it just works" kind of harmony.

i've found that any synth with controller hardware tends to come with patches designed to use that hardware. My first experience with this is the Korg M3m. i should've bought a keyboard version to make use of the thing correctly.
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