What's the point of "Local SW" in V-Synth XT??

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What's the point of "Local SW" in V-Synth XT??

Postby dysamoria » 08:52, 26 August 2017

I am getting phasing while trying to use my V-Synth XT as an "External Instrument". i assume this is because of a MIDI loop.

For my Alesis Fusion 8HD, which is my master keyboard, all i have to do is turn off "Local Control" and things work fine.

With the V-Synth XT, turning off "Local SW" disables the V-Synth XT's audio engine. While the MIDI indicator light flashes on MIDI input, the V-Synth XT does NOTHING. The "Preview" button also does nothing with this switch in the Off position. So what is this switch FOR???
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