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Sample Memory Full: Different Than Other Posts Please Read

Postby tedopon » 05:14, 18 September 2014

I have had the same irritating problem since I bought this thing a year ago. I have factory reset and reformatted my CF card a dozen times and I always end up at the same roadblock.
I have a 512mb ram stick, Roland branded, bought new. I have some generic 512mb CF card. The System menu shows I have over 450 left on the CF card and over 500 left on the ram stick. I keep getting Sample Memory Full! ...I hate that exclamation point. Sometimes I can do a backup and then I get to add another 20mb or so of samples before it tells me it can't add anything more. It's frustrating as all hell, and I am very close to ebaying this thing and breathing a deep sigh of relief.
Sample Memory Full! occurs no matter if it's a 3k drum sample or a 1mb loop.
The only thing I can think is maybe the CF card has bad sectors? I suspect this may be the case because I have twice now been able to save the truncated sample from the memory full message and then it allows me to save in the next slot...but it occurs on import so I don't know that this is the case or not. I've thought about buying a new one, but was curious if anyone here had the same issue and if there is a resolution to this.
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