How to connect mc808 to OS X 10.12 Sierra

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How to connect mc808 to OS X 10.12 Sierra

Postby Krasowski » 12:22, 22 September 2016

as you remember I wrote about installing mc808 for OS X 10.11: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=51774

I found some new solution for native midi connection under os x and using mc 808 editor.
WARNING: you should be advanced user and understand what are you doing.

STAGE 1. Native MIDI over USB under OS X 10.12 (10.11 too).

1. Disable SIP. Looking for google (restart system - terminal - csrutil disable);
2. Download driver for os x 10.7 and extract .kext and .plugin files (with show packages and unarchive);
3. Put .plugin to library/audio/midi drivers;
4. Download Kext Utility and patch .kext file of our roland mc808;
5. Try to force kext load with terminal and command (sudo kextload /path/to/kext.kext) ( ... -mac-os-x/);
6. If everything alright You can work with your mc808 by midi over usb cable with any DAW

WARNING: in some cases os x can't load mc808 kext by default after reboot. You can wrote bash file or every time make force kext load with terminal when you need to work with mc808.

STAGE 2. Installing mc808 Editor

1. Buy Crossover or any Wine software for working with windows apps;
2. Make an windows bottle (windows xp recommended);
3. Install latest mc808 Editor for Windows (download from roland);
4. That's all.

WARNING! It really needs to disable SIP on OS X for the first step. In some cases SIP could return to ENABLE MODE after installing combo updates. So, check SIP status when you will be updating to 10.12.x
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