Akai MPD32 with MC-808, MIDI help

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Akai MPD32 with MC-808, MIDI help

Postby +Vader » 14:19, 3 January 2018

Hi everyone!

If any of you have experience with the gear mentioned in the subject field, please help me! As some of you may know the MPD has this little bug with its 360 knobs, namely that their value caps at 0 or 127, so a bank/preset change wouldn't reset it to the saved value...

In theory (or according to the manual) this can be circumvented by switching the knobs to INC/DEC CC type, but here comes my greatest concern: NRPN programming is just above my skill level right now... (I said WTF repeatedly)

So if someone could illustrate such a setting with an example taken from the 808's MIDI implementation, I'd be forever grateful

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