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memory cards and sound cards

Postby syvors » 07:14, 27 October 2006

Hey everyone, i have sony vaio 3ghz ,512 ram,180gb hard drive,stock sound card. ive recently purchased spectrasonics ATMOSPHERE and cakewalk SONAR home studio 4. I connect via usb from FANTOM-X7 and i know one or both need to be upgraded, my ram or sundcard. The problem is delay between keyboard and pc (latency). I know whats waiting for me, should i get it all performing smoothly, but right now i play my fantom not only with a very distracting delay from pc, but i also hear this very annoying clicking. I unfortunately went about my purchases backward, but none the less ive spent a lot of my money on the software(SONAR and ATMOSPHERE) so if there is anybody out there who could steer me in the right direction of what i need to get(soundcard or ram upgrade) within a reasonable price range i would be extremely greatfull Thank you
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Re: memory cards and sound cards

Postby da-man » 07:34, 27 October 2006

my guess is soundcard upgrade
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Re: memory cards and sound cards

Postby JazzXR » 12:58, 27 October 2006

To reduce the audio latency all you need is a better sound card which uses ASIO drivers for the audio system. BUT you can try to use the ASIO4ALL drivers that are Audio drivers usable with any type of sound card.
Try this:

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Re: memory cards and sound cards

Postby Josh2 » 06:30, 5 July 2013

I used zoltrix sound system it this good for use?
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Re: memory cards and sound cards

Postby florin2013 » 06:57, 8 July 2013

Sound System as monitors?
The first thing on monitors (sound system) is to be liniar.
Meaning that what is playing is what you hear and the monitors are not modifying the sound.
Second, learn your gear, try to listen to a song that you like as many times as you can to learn how is mixed, how it sounds, this way you will know how your new song-masterpiece should sound.
It's very important to listen original CDs , songs, to learn your monitors (sound system), not some mp3s.
Those mp3 may be at 4-10 rerecompresed/re-encoded, and some lost spectrum frequency..
My opinion is to get at least a cheap sound card with SPDIF IN to connect Fantom-X's SPDIF OUT.
This way you will have the best quality recordings from Fantom-X.

You can get ESI 24XL for a good price, and have asio and spdif (if you don't want to buy something more expensive)


ESI U24 XL – 24bit USB audio interface with 2x analogue inputs and 2x analogue outputs (1/4" TRS connectors), 1x output connector (may be used as a headphone output), S/PDIF digital input and output available via optical (TOSlink) and coaxial (RCA) connectors, USB bus powered. Compatible with Windows (Vista & XP) and Mac OS X. Includes Steinberg Cubase LE 4.0 for PC and Mac. Dimensions: 10 x 9cm (approx)
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