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Saw Studio - Windows Overlay?

Postby madAhorn » 21:28, 6 September 2010

Saw Studio for Windows does not Use Windows?

The program installs lightning fast with very few megabytes.
And id does not use the Windows Registry....

Is this guy a genius? Does any other program developer ignore Windows protocol?

Here is an example from the uninstall instructions.

"Un-Installing SAWStudio

SAWStudio keeps all of its files under the main SAWStudio folder where it was installed.

To Un-Install the program, simply delete the main SAWStudio folder from the Windows Explorer. No Registry entries or shared dll's have been added, therefore none need to be removed."
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Re: Saw Studio - Windows Overlay?

Postby Mystic38 » 13:58, 7 September 2010

this looks like one of those things that can run from a USB stick?..
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Re: Saw Studio - Windows Overlay?

Postby dbijoux » 15:26, 7 September 2010

Does any other program developer ignore Windows protocol?

Yes, of course, and in this context many open-source and smaller applications run the same way.

You should know the Windows Registry, despite it's bad rap, can simply be used as a quickly accessible database. In most cases, that is all it is anyway.

On that note, just because a program doesn't use registry or 'shared' .dlls, this doesn't mean it wasn't programmed and compiled specifically for Windows architecture. If you are looking for true independence, this is more along the lines of Java software, but still the Java runtime engine will be working with Windows.
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