Juno-D Unable to read/write data

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Juno-D Unable to read/write data

Postby lordfab » 21:51, 17 January 2011

First of all, i'm sorry for my poor english i will try to make this post as clear as possible.

I'm using a Juno-D since now 1 year to play piano, then today i bought a Midi/USB cable in order to use my juno-D as a midi controler.
My problem is that even if i use Juno-D editor or other software i cannot communicate with the juno-D.

I'm using Widows 7 - 64 bits
I'm using a Midi/Usb Cable - E-MI XMidi1X1 Tab

With Juno-D Editor i cannot read/write, i already set up the Midi device on the setup area of this softaware, I put the right Device ID and the right Name of the midi interface (E-MI XMidi1X1). If someaone can also explain me what is the "Throught" input output option ?.

Then i used Mixcraft to record but without success....
I already put the local control : OFF
But i don't know for others setings...

Maybee i'm doing something wrong but if someone can help me ^^, this is going me crazy lol.
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