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Computer DAWS and soft synths

Postby Quinnx. » 02:32, 19 May 2011

who is for Computer DAWS and soft synths

What do you feel about them v hardware and what have you done to get the most out of yours..

what are your favorites and why
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Re: Computer DAWS and soft synths

Postby Mystic38 » 18:36, 15 June 2011

i feel VST are very varied in sound quality and breadth of scope.. but all have weaknesses in integration and control.. so despite having several available i bailed for some time in favour of a couple of VA synths, the ms2000 and nova.

i came back to using vst more when i got the second monitor and a novation remote (so i can keep vst window in view and also have real knbs/sliders/buttons to control the vst parameters).. then, irritated by always needing to launch the DAW (Sonar) just to noodle with the vst i also downloaded VSThost.. a simple VST wrapper... so now it integrates quickly, simply and quite nicely with the FG and 2 VA..

what i use most is Z3ta+, also some dimension pro and some rapture.. but if i had the cash i would invest in omnisphere without question, but i fear i would play even less and muck about even more than i do
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