Editing and Using Roland JV1010 (or any external plug-in) in

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Editing and Using Roland JV1010 (or any external plug-in) in

Postby polishcls » 06:33, 24 August 2013

Hi everyone.

Moderately experienced Cubase 5 user new to MIDI. I have set up my microkorg as a MIDI controller and successfully recorded sound via softsynth VSTs. However, I want to use my Roland JV1010's sound and connect the unit as an external plug-in.

I set up the 1010 as an External Instrument in Device Setup, and installed the JV1010 in the MIDI Device Manager, but when I go to "edit instruments", the JV1010's panel only has "delay" and "return gain". How do I view all the tweakable parameters and patches for the 1010 in Cubase, like I would in Sound Diver? To my knowledge, installing the JV1010 in the MIDI Device Manager should load the script file for the JV1010, right? If not, what EXACTLY is the MIDI Device Manager for?

I also can't get any sound output from the JV1010 when I add an instrument track. I have my microkorg's MIDI OUT into recording interface (Saffire PRO 40) MIDI IN, and interface's MIDI OUT going to the JV1010's MIDI IN. Is this correct? I know when just using the microkorg as a MIDI controller, I hook up the MIDI IN and MIDI OUT of the microkorg into the interface and the microkorg lights up different, but will still send MIDI signals if done with only MIDI OUT. Or do I want to record the MIDI first then apply the JV1010 external plug-ins after and have the MIDI INs and OUTs of each device completely connected to the recording interface?

Also, in External Instruments in VST Connections, what is the Return Bus for the JV1010 and why does it default to SPDIF L & R. Do I need this? Sorry, again, total noobie on MIDI.
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