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Postby Iceman777 » 19:10, 11 June 2014

Hello, clan!

I'm in a dilemma and cannot seem to make a choice, as I am not sure what is right and what is better/more acceptable for me. I am trying to decide between the old sound module from Roland known as Roland JV1010 and the bundle from IK Multimedia called Total Workstation XL. I know that it is an effort to decide between software and hardware worlds. Interesting detail is that the bundle costs a little bit less than Roland JV1010. The sound module is offered in a local shop and they claim that it is new. As far as I am aware, JV1010 was produced back in 1999 and I am not sure what was the year the production was stopped. These modules are supposed to have internal battery and I am wondering if I will have to replace it. There is an extension card included which is built-in. I am mainly after the workstation or so called "bread and butter" sounds, so when local shop notified me about this little module, I instantly thought that it could be a good idea. Something is hitting home for me when I am listening to the demos, especially the piano sounds. Still expensive for me because of the situation in the country and not having a job at the moment, then not knowing much about Roland JV1010 myself.

Then comes Sampletank bundle from IK Multimedia. It is going the software way, but getting lots and lots of instruments and expansions for a price which is a bit less. Did anyone of you have any experience with this company and it's products? Did anyone use Sampletank or Sonik Synth 2? I know that one of my favourite keyboard players Geoff Downes used Sample Tank for choral and string sounds and spoke fondly of it. I am not sure if it requires the powerful computer and if it works as advertised. I did not have experience with it before. Then the local representative here in Ukraine does not seem to have this particular line of products in stock or listed, so I will have to find out if they can get it over here in a boxed format since downloading so much data does not seem possible for me.

So my question is: should I be going software or hardware way? Should I give Sampletank a try or will sounds from a hardware module (even if it is really old) still be better and stable? What would be the best addition in terms of workstation needs? If only I could, I would get Roland Integra in a blink of an eye, but so far... all I have to do is dream, dream, dream, - as it goes in a song. :) (Buying something used is sadly not an option here at the moment).

Any thoughts and comments are truly welcome! Thanks for reading! Take the best care!

Your friend Denis / iceman777
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