Roland Quad Capture and Lexicon MX200

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Roland Quad Capture and Lexicon MX200

Postby damngoodmrjam » 18:41, 16 March 2015

I have connected a Lexicon MX200 effect unit with S/PDIF to the Roland Quad Capture (QC) soundcard but cannot get proper playback when using the MX200 as send/return effect in Nuendo 4. The sound stutters erratically because the time (display) is not running smoothly. Now and then the time display stops.

The MX200 Utility menu does not have an option to set the clock source. The MX200 forces the QC to adopt its sample rate of 48 kHz. So it seems the MX200 is the master, however, in the QC control panel the clock source of the soundcard sets itself to "internal". For very brief interludes it blinks and displays "external".

It seems I cannot change anything in the MX200 Utility menu or the QC control panel to make one the master and the other the slave... Is there a workaround to this problem??
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