Issue with my Duo-Ex Capture

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Issue with my Duo-Ex Capture

Postby TravisJoe » 23:14, 4 June 2015


I've had my usb interface for quite some time now its, a duo capture ex audio interface. It is usb powered and i have it plugged int to the back of my computer in one of my usb plugins. From the back of the audio interface i have two 1/4" balanced trs going to my M-audio AV40 studio monitors. Im running windows 8. Now here's my issue; i can't get windows to take the usb interface a my default sound device by that i mean when i got to select the interface in the device mixer(i does show in the list of device's), it say's: No audio device is installed.
Yet when i use my DAW (Fl-Studio) to make music i can select as an asio4all and run the sound directly trough my audio interface with my headphones plug the interface or trough my speakers.It seems as though the usb audio driver does run well on my windows or windows wont let it run as my default one.

Anyone uo there with similar issue ? Any suggestion on how i could use my audio interface as a default sound device ?
Screenshot (9).png
No audio device
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Screenshot (8).png
it does show in audio devices
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