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win10 drivers

Postby joyof60 » 03:23, 2 August 2015

I've looked on the website and support and all I can find is the drivers for win7,8,and 8.1.
Is Roland going to roll out new drivers for Win 10?
I need to know if
1: will I actually need new drivers when I upgrade to Win10 for my FantomX and my Octa-Capture
2: if so, where can I procure these tasty little pieces of code?

Thanks for any help/advice!
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Re: win10 drivers

Postby OGG » 03:27, 1 September 2015

Anybody have any news on this? After a clean install of Win 10, I can not get my Juno Gi Drivers to complete set up. It just hangs. Yes, I am running in admin mode, tried multiple Drivers too. Nothing is working. As if this thing wasn't already the biggest POS I've ever owned that carried a Roland logo, now this. Ugh. Anyway, if anybody has any ideas, I would sure appreciate them, as long as those ideas don't involve the phrase "You should have bought a used Juno G" or similar... :)
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Re: win10 drivers

Postby OGG » 03:17, 5 September 2015


After a lot of headaches, searching and frustration, I came across this forum post on the cakewalk forums that gave me enough info to take what the OP had already determined to work with Edirol devices, and tweak it to work for my Juno Gi with no issues. Roland may not have any interest in supporting their devices, but smart people will always find a way.

Here's the link to the thread: ... 67234.aspx

I took method ONE and tried it, but it didn't work. So, I reopened the .inf file to the 8.1 Drivers (64 bit) and looked for any other instances of conflict with regards to OS version. Sure enough, aside from the "6.2" instances that needed to be edited, I found one more that when replaced with "10", allowed the 8.1 drivers to run flawlessly and the end result is a device that once again works with the PC as it should, in a completely stable way. If you scroll to the bottom of the thread, you'll see my reply with the added instructions and both the original and modified .inf files in text format.

If this worked with the Gi, I can imagine it should work with any/all Roland devices with a relatively current (win7/Win8-8.1) driver available. Will be testing it tomorrow on a JP-50.

Anyway, just thought I would share. Of course, this option is inherently risky blah blah blah, (risky is a stretch, but I have to state it). If you don't feel comfortable doing the things in the instructions, don't. It's very basic, easy stuff that if done by the book, is 100% safe and reversible, but nevertheless, be cautious just the same.
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Re: win10 drivers

Postby Alazarin » 11:12, 2 October 2015

I used method 2 for both my Fantom X8 & SH-201 and it worked both times.

1] Rebooted computer after running the script to disable driver signing enforcement.
2] Test mode gumph appears in the bottom left corner of the screen. Safe to ignore.
3] Install drivers manually: Plug in usb cable from synth & let Windows detect it. Then go to control panel and 'update driver' manually. You get a red noticiation panel informing you that the drivers are unsigned, etc. Click on the text to go ahead and install the drivers.
4] Run script to re-enable driver signing enforcement. Reboot computer.
5] Test mode gumph is now gone and drivers work A-OK.

Windows 10 is go! Come on, Roland... this isn't rocket science. Why are we doing your work?
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Re: win10 drivers

Postby cocolizo78 » 05:06, 22 October 2015

friend, I have my Juno G
with 64-bit Windows 10
It works if I do this
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