Piano designer not finding the keyboard - fixed!

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Piano designer not finding the keyboard - fixed!

Postby Liquid » 00:15, 9 August 2017

Hi all, I hope this is useful to future readers.

I've had issues getting the Piano Designer app to talk to my piano, in this case a Galaxy S8 and the FP-90. It had connected before, sometimes randomly, but for the past couple of months nothing. I'd tried unpairing both ends, factory resets, Bluetooth utilities, everything I could think of but despite the phone being connected to the keyboard for both audio and MIDI, the piano designer app wouldn't see it.

So to recap, the FP-90 showed both Bluetooth symbols (audio and MIDI) and the phone also showed it was connected both ways. Audio playback worked but the piano designer didn't.

The fix, thanks to my local Roland dealer hero is very simple, yet weird. On the phone, unpair the MIDI connection (leave the audio one). Launch the piano designer app and when it scans it should now show the keyboard. Select it and it now all works - so it needs to be paired through the app and not before.

I hope that helps someone, my Googling attempts never brought up anything like that.
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