Cube Street Ex mic hiss

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Cube Street Ex mic hiss

Postby paulvaz » 02:21, 4 February 2018

Hi there, received my new Street Ex the other day. One of the mic inputs has significant hiss. Tried both mic inputs with same mic and lead - one is ok but the other one (the one without the COSM effects) hisses in the background as soon as it gets input. It's like the noise gate opens up and there's a radio quietly playing white noise behind it. Have used two different mic leads and two Shure Beta 58s. Can reduce it a bit by lowering the treble but I have this feeling that I shouldn't have to diminish brightness in the vocals just to cut out background hiss. Not a power issue as it happens on batteries as well. The other mic input I said was ok also hisses if the treble is turned up. Have tried both unbalanced leads and balanced three pin leads. Is this normal for the Street Ex? Thanks for your help.
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