JD 800 Boot problem

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JD 800 Boot problem

Postby Marino » 20:24, 2 September 2017

I just bought a JD 800 with the usual problems, contacts, glue... but I want to solve my current problem first Hopefully someone can help me.
I replaced the battery, the device was turned off, but when I turned it back on he did not want to boot anymore. The screen is stuck on "initialize yes / no".
The only thing that's on is the screen, the rest does not work the lights are not burning. Someone has an idea how to solve this.

Greetings Marino
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Re: JD 800 Boot problem

Postby moshing17 » 17:01, 23 September 2017

Yes I too have encountered this problem. Had mine for a few years. I recently took took it apart for its every few yearly clean - something of which I done on serveral times in the past (rid red gunk of death, de-fluffing sliders etc.) then all put back to together no problems.

On this occasion though I replaced the battery, something I had not done since I bought it. Same thing Marino, switched on, 'intialized y/n' pops up, press y/n button - nothing.. Can't find anything regarding this anywhere.. completely at a lost now.. You had any luck with yours mate..? PLease can anyone shed light on this?
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