Specifying Midi Channel for UPPER part on A500 pro series.

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Specifying Midi Channel for UPPER part on A500 pro series.

Postby andypandy » 04:17, 7 September 2017

I'm using my A-500 as a multipurpose keyboard controller. I am wondering how to set the MIDI channel for the upper part in a custom control map I've made for a specific combination of gear.

My problem is that I have two pieces of external gear, both Roland boutique models, one set to MIDI channel 7 and the other set to MIDI channel 4. I've set channel 7 on the lower part, and channel 4 on the upper part. Problem is, whenever I click the UPPER button to switch, the UPPER MIDI channel always reverts back to 1. Not 4. I can change the MIDI channel again manually through the Value knob, but if I ever switch to a different Keyset, the channel for UPPER will always revert back to one.

So somewhere, somehow, the specified channel for the upper part on my control map is set to 1. Looking through the manual, I can't find any clear solution to specify the MIDI channel for the UPPER part.

It should be noted that I can play the channel 4 part, through my split and dual functions. I set those to include channel 4 in my keyset edit window. But I can't for the life of me find out where to set a channel for the upper part.
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