Roland Octa-Capture UA-1010 problems

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Roland Octa-Capture UA-1010 problems

Postby ANR » 16:06, 7 April 2011


I've purchased a Roland Octa-Capture UA-1010 and I'm very pleased with it - when it works.
Unfortunately it doesn't in the majority of the cases. Even when I'm only playing music there are pops, cracks and distortion in the sound =(
Strangely enough, when I'm rebooting my PC two to four times those errors will disappear and I can use it to play and record music without any problems or losses in quality.

My system:
recently installed Windows 7 64bit (on a new & empty Hard-Disk)
Intel Dual Core 2,53 GHz
4GB Ram
Nvidia 9800 GTS

What I've tried so far (and which wasn't the solution...):
Tried it on another Windows 7 64bit PC - it worked...
Reinstalled the Roland Windows 7 64 Driver 1.000
Tried all 4 USB slots I have on my laptop
Disabled WLAN-Card, Firewire, Modem, other USB-ports, Graphic-Card
Checked IRQs and connected it to the only USB-port which doesn't share its IRQ

I would really love to use the Roland Octa-Capture UA-1010 as a mobile recording solution with my laptop (that works with other USB-Audio-Interfaces!!!) and I hope you can help me out?

Do you have ideas what I could try? (This can be anything, I want it to work!)
If you want me to provide some more information on my system - please tell me so!

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Re: Roland Octa-Capture UA-1010 problems

Postby ANR » 23:32, 12 April 2011

The problem was my graphic card. Here's the link to the solution: ... ncy&st=500
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Re: Roland Octa-Capture UA-1010 problems

Postby ANR » 09:58, 10 May 2011


unfortunately I still have troubles getting my Clevo m860tu (Windows 7 64bit) to work with my Roland Octa-Capture UA1010.

The first culprit I had was the Nvidia Geforce 9800m GTS ( ... 614&st=520), the second was my WLan – Device and its driver! ( ... hp?t=98536).
I could get rid of the audio dropouts (additionally dpc lat & latmon indicate no errors anymore), but my main issue, the crackles, remain.

I’ve found out two ways to eliminate the crackles, but neither of them is very satisfying:
The first one is starting a software that does some kind of scans (Latmon, Antivir, Spybot worked) and increases the CPU workload. The problem is I need 100% of my CPU power when I am producing music.
The second one is to go to the device manager and actualize the driver (even though it reinstalls exactly the same one). Makes me wonder if some sort of reconfiguration of the USB priority is done? The problem is I have to repeat this step after each reboot no matter which USB port I use.
The name of my USB Universal Host Controller is “Intel 82801IB ICH9” – I’ve attached the log file of my system for further information.

As I am already trying the second Roland Octa-Capture UA1010 (which works perfectly on other PCs) the problem has got to be the driver configuration of my laptop.

I am really at my wits end and would be very happy if you could help me out with this problem.

Best wishes,
Roland troubles.txt
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Re: Roland Octa-Capture UA-1010 problems

Postby zzzxtreme » 13:37, 17 May 2011

hi ANR, I'm new owner of UA1010 and have no problems with my ideapad u260.

what I did (long time before I got this card) is to run DPC latency checker AND Latency Monitor.

intially, DPC latency checker gives me green graphs plus consistent occasional yellow graphs. But once I have disabled Microsoft ACPI battery thingy in device manager I get all green. I can't recall exactly what else I did, but I made sure I disabled power saving feature of USB/Wifi/LAN etc..., set the virtual memory to System Managed, set performance to high, disable aero, aero peek, aero docking etc...

the nonsense programs like iTunes , visual studio, etc.. I isolate them in VMWare Player so they wont disturb my music programs.

wish u good luck, there are many u can still tweak with windows.

I always recommend ppl getting the interface first, then the laptop. so u can return the laptop in time if it doesn't work well with the interface.

Oh it seems u have already run the 2 mentioned programs. could u like, disable the WLAN/LAN/unneeded hardware in the BIOS ?
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Re: Roland Octa-Capture UA-1010 problems

Postby ultraphenomena » 18:39, 5 February 2012


Just noticed that this post is old. But here are my suggestions.


First make sure you have the latest BIOS

In the BIOS disable Intel Speed Step (you may not have this option.)

In the BIOS disable low power mode (you may not have this option.)

In the BIOS disable the on-board sound (azalea,realtek, etc.)

In Windows 7 make sure you have all the updates.

In control panel - Programs and Feature - remove all non-Roland audio drivers - Realtek, etc.

In Windows 7 go to Control Panel -> Power : Create your own power setup make sure every is set to not sleep, power down, low power etc.

In Windows 7 go to Control Panel - Sync Center - Manage offline files - disable offline files - this requires a reboot.

In Windows 7 go to Control Panel - Indexing options - setup Indexing so that it is not indexing anything.

In Windows 7 right click on Computer (on your desktop or in the start menu) Left click on Manage.
Now click on device manager. Expand the Universal Serial Bus Controllers area.
Start from bottom and work your way up:
Right-click on the first USB Hub and click on properties.
Click on the Power Management tab.
Remove the check mark from "Allow the computer to turn of this device to save power"
Move your way up the list of USB stuff. Only the Hubs should have the Power Management tab but the other items in this section will also show some interesting stuff.

Your laptop only has 4GB of ram ... get the max that the laptop will allow.
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Re: Roland Octa-Capture UA-1010 problems

Postby Catarsis » 06:59, 23 March 2014

I have strange problem whn usin Octa-Capture with iMac. Every time I turn on the power of Octa-Capture, it forces my iMac to restart! It killed my external HDD this way!

Is it normal?
Do I really have to turn off my iMac every time I want to power up the Octa-Capture? Sounds nonsense. I have never seen this issue with other USB interfaces.

I Have Octa-Capture with latest system update and drivers and iMac running OSX 10.9.2
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