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BK-7m customization

Postby Kingy75 » 07:53, 14 October 2012

Hi all,

I'm asking on behalf of a client about the BK-7m backing module accompaniment styles.

What he would like to know is: is it possible to load your own MIDI file into the BK-7m have the Intro, Ending & Variation buttons apply to sections of that file; or have allocated files for the Intro, Ending etc. He would like the sections to loop until he presses one of the Variation buttons (or the Ending button), at which point playback would jump to another section of the MIDI file.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

Many thanks,
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Re: BK-7m customization

Postby florin2013 » 10:21, 13 May 2013

It has a software program that can take from a midi file, measures, as you want, you must specify, from x to y measure there is intro 1, etc, and then save as style.
my advice, is to arrange first that midi file in the BK7m, with it's tones, sounds, and then resave it with the new program change/ control change settings, and THEN make it a style.
this way, the style will no longer have to be rearranged in BK7m, as sounds/tones.
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