Recording from a Roland Rd 700GX

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Recording from a Roland Rd 700GX

Postby gdelpino » 22:29, 13 May 2013

Hi all, need some help here.
I do not know anything about recording yet, i am just a musician that got sick of the horrible quality of recording stuff on my ipad using the built-in mic and free apps (go ahead and laugh! lol)

Bottom line: I own a Roland RD 700GX keyboard and I would like to record what I play.
I currently have a laptop with Windows 7 with good specs, but will have to buy a Mac soon (damn you Berklee!)

I am not thinking about getting into professional recordings by any means, just want the best I can get for the cheapest price. Based on the Google-oriented research I've done, it sounds like I need an Audio Interface, and this is the part where i think I need the most help.

I found these two:

PreSonus Audiobox 22VSL (

AND Roland QuadCapture (

Does anybody have any experience with these? Any other ideas? What else will i need?

Thank you very much in advance!!!
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