Help mastering on Boss BR900 please

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Help mastering on Boss BR900 please

Postby Tommybasket » 22:28, 9 July 2013

Hi, is there anyway to delete mastered v tracks? I recorded a 5-track song, tried to master it a couple of times but no sound came through. Found out you have to bounce it first so I bounced it in to one, and somehow ended up using 8 v tracks trying to master it. After about the fifth one it would stop half way through mastering and say "card full", so I deleted all the other songs I'd recorded so now I have one song, bounced and only partly mastered on 8 v tracks, taking up all the memory on my card. Can someone help me please??! And I can't even use my USB cable to transfer it on to the computer as it says card full! I've ordered a new memory cars but wouldn't mind saving this recording instead of having to re-do it!
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