br900cd store and retrieve

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br900cd store and retrieve

Postby mike creese » 10:00, 7 January 2014

Hi all. New here. I have had my unit for about 6 years, still cannot use all functions, found one yesterday I did not realise was there. Phrase trainer. There is lots here. Lost my book but have studied it before for a simple answer to the following:

When I record original or downloaded material how do I store all tracks, unbounced or finished, and how do I retrieve them?

I have in the past burned cds of mastered song and let the original tracks go, but now I want to use the repeat phrase trainer and stretch function and will probably use it a lot (was going to buy zoom till I checked if the 900 would do it) and don't want to delete the tracks as its a bit of a pain to record them.

Got to say that though I have occasional aberrations in the unit, its been a real help to me and I have had stacks and stacks of use out of it over the years with no lasting problems. Actually I do have one now, it wont burn multiple tracks to cd, just one at a time. It used to do this ok when I was recording from youtube. But the issue today is as described above. Basic, but I cannot find definitive answer on line.

Many thanks
mike creese
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