Roland vs700 questions

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Roland vs700 questions

Postby summer » 15:45, 6 December 2014

Roland vs700 questions

i have vs700 and i have 3 questions
1) when i try to record vst tracks, even when latency is set to fast mode
there's a big delay, and i can't record anything properly becuase of it - recorded notes are recorded with very big lag.
its very strange.
what is the reason of it? how can i fix it?

2)in cubase i managed to open fantom and it works well (without visual interface)
but when i do mixdown of all tracks into one file, fantom doesnt go into mixdown and that final mp3 track
sounds without fantom. What to do?

3) i have only vs700r rack i/o (without vs700c controller board)
and manual says if i use vs700r separately (without vs700c) i am to open cover
for arx expansion boards and switch to another combination of 4 switches that are
under that cover. but the strange thing is manual says to switch these 4 switches into new combination and
after that i must turn vs700r off and then turn it on again.
its sounds strange to me - i mean according to manual i am supposed to switch those 4 switches while the vs700r is turned on?
am i right? if its so, i think its dangerous to to remove cover for expansion slots and swithch these 4 switches when vs700r is working - those 4 switches are placed near microchips , electronics etc.
please explain how i am to do this procedure correctly.
and what is this process made for? what does it change?
is it really necessary to switch it?
btw so far i used vs700r without switching those 4 switches to
that new combination.
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Re: Roland vs700 questions

Postby Macska » 18:30, 21 August 2015

Sorry I didn't see this months ago when you posted, you've probably solved your problems by now but here's my answers for reference -

1. Sounds like you need to switch your audio driver to ASIO. Otherwise, check something along your midi path. Pay attention to your CPU and see if the memory is getting pushed too hard when you record as well. This could be one of many problems.

2. Be sure to bounce your instrument tracks to audio, or record them into a new audio track before the mixdown.

3. It's been awhile since I messed with those little switches. I'm going to assume it's an odd translation in the manual, it's best to have the unit powered down before opening it up and changing things.
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