Noise floor (loud) when Octacapture is turned off, connected

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Noise floor (loud) when Octacapture is turned off, connected

Postby projectaspen » 23:14, 22 April 2016


I was using Dynaudio monitors, switched to a separates setup... Everything was smooth with my Octacapture. I switched to Yamaha speakers + Parasound HCA2200II amplifier, using XLR cables, and everything continued fine.

Today my Crown XLS 1500 amplifier arrived and everything was running fine, until music hang (I'm dialing the volume louder on the interface, about half way). I had to turn off the interface and I noticed a really loud buzz/hum, which I've never heard before.

Restarted computer and interface and turned it off again, buzz is always there when the interface is off. I use a good power conditioner but the ground light is not on (my electrician didn't ground it properly, apparently). When I turn on the amplifier and interface is off, buzz is there. With RCAs and XLR same thing happens, but with RCA the buzz is there even when the interface is on.

So is it normal? Should I return the amplifier? I bought it used and the previous owner swears by it. Should I ground? A friend told me that if there's no noise when everyhing is turned on, it's ok...

What puzzles me is that with the other amplifier, using the same cables and setup, there was no noise. No noise with the amplified monitor speakers either. So what could be the case here? BTW, despite this problem, the Crown XLS 1500 amplifier is great and the sound is better than with the Parasound HCA2200II high end amp. Recommended, well, sort of.
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