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Roland SH-201 Help Problem

Postby Pete75 » 01:01, 28 September 2013

Hello Friends

Someone can help me here please ? I just bought a Roland SH-201 in a garage sale it was a risk but for 20 €uros i took a chance, it was appealing to the eye very clean and well cared, the lady who sold me told that works perfectly but the AC Power is missing. Well i pay the lady and i was happy cause i tought that i will play non stop that night. Arrived home and when i try to power on nothing happened no lights nothing i used several AC power cables and nothing, can someone tell what might be the problem, maybe i need the original AC power Cable, maybe the synth is dead i don't know can anybody give me some kind o help ?

Best Regards

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Re: Roland SH-201 Help Problem

Postby DaniH » 03:04, 30 September 2013

It does take a special power cord from what I've seen. I bought one at a pawn shop without the power cord. It was a gamble but it worked when it bought an adapter from Radio Shack. The adapter ended up blowing up one night. I sold it a few weeks later and explained the issue. The guy had a spare power supply so he wasn't worried. I bought another sh-201 from guitarcenter that came with an original power supply and no issues.

Anyways, I'd recommend buying a power supply online. Worse comes to worse you could return the supply, maybe, and your sh-201 is indeed broken. Hope it works for you though.
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