SH-201 standard tuning (reset)?

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SH-201 standard tuning (reset)?

Postby Gilbert_V » 00:14, 31 May 2014


I own an SH-201 I bought second-hand and it happens to be tuned to B, ie. the oscillator 0 is flat to what you play on the keyboard. I only realized this after I've created quite a few parches of my own so factory reset would not be welcome :)
I vaguely remember you can adjust the Oct+ and Oct- buttons in such a way they don't shift you in terms of octaves but say steps, however, this is not an option as I need to be switching octaves all the time.

I've yet to check the editing software, can that help me?

Thanks for any hints, suggestions, anything really :)
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Re: SH-201 standard tuning (reset)?

Postby Don Headley » 00:41, 24 June 2014

Hold down the cancel button and turn the pitch knob for master tuning.
You should download a copy of the manual from roland.
There are a lot of settings that can be adjusted with various button/knob combinations.
The list starts on page 60 of the manual.
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