WIN 8.1 64 bit driver needed

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WIN 8.1 64 bit driver needed

Postby MrJimi » 19:04, 6 April 2015

Hi all,

Am surprised that I can't find a post regarding this topic.

A few months ago my laptop got upgraded to from win8 to win8.1, but it looks like I need a different driver for it. There isn't 1 on the Roland site :(
Will I have to get a USB driver for win8.1 as well?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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Re: WIN 8.1 64 bit driver needed

Postby DaniH » 09:34, 12 April 2015

You might have to. I have not seen any drivers for 8.1.
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Re: WIN 8.1 64 bit driver needed

Postby Anton81 » 01:25, 24 December 2016

Some times ago I also had this problem and it was successfully solved by temporarily disable digital signature verification drivers. There are some screenshots in russian language.
For the first time we need moove the mouse to the right upper corner of win 8.1 and vertical menu will appear.
Next we must choose the "Parameters" or "Options" (paragraf with cogwheel) and then press Win+I. Next with pushing shift choose "Off"("Shutdown") and "Reload" ("Restart").
Next in new menu choose "Diagnostics".
Next "Additional options".
Next "Options of load".
Next choose "Restart".
Next in new menu choose F7 ("Disable mandatory driver signing checks").
Windows will loaded. Switch SH-201.
Next in "Control panel" find "devices and printers", find SH-201 and right click of mouse on them, ckick on properties, in new window on the second insert find batton "Properties", then "Change Options", insert "Driver", button "Update", in new window choose "Search for the drivers on this computer".
Then we must choose the Folder with driver for win 8 "sh201_win8d_v100".
And that's all...
If this driver will not work we may do next procedure:
Do some change in driver file RDIF1065.INF:
1. Type ";" in line ;CatalogFile=RDID1065.CAT
2. And rename to the NTamd64 all "NTamd64.6.2, NTamd64.6.3" in this file.
Save file.
And again update this driver in the properties of SH-201.
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