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Postby karlosserio » 14:32, 29 August 2009

Personally i think going to a SRX for piano is... romantic. If we're talking about pianoteq, ivory, etc...., then any 64 Mb piano (or even higher) is usuable but always with a lot of limitations. The complete piano has from what i grasped 4 sampled layers; and from i also learned with Rolands pianos they sound good solo at home, but live or with band they don't live up to the expectations.
For live use i would go with a Yamaha stage piano, or the new Roland's FP4 or 7.
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Re: Piano sounds & sound-engine

Postby voodooblues » 11:57, 21 January 2011


Has anyone found a solution to problems with piano dynamics? I bought SC a week ago and yesterday I started playing around with the piano sounds. At first they sounded very nice (through headphones atleast) and I thought I could use those on gigs as well. (I bought the SC mostly for stricgs and syths.) But the huge leaps between tones is a problem when playing piano sounds..

Today I tried creating a performance with 2 same piano patches (with tweaked velocity ranges and volume levels).. So in a way I have 8 tones to work with, right? I only did a quick test and created the patches in 15 minutes, so I'm hoping that with time I'll be able to create a performance piano sound that satisfies.

Any specific advices on how to use a filter to reduce the metallic sounds of tones 3&4? A week ago I had no idea what a LPF was so I'm not very good with this stuff :)
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