Working within Logic 9 & 10.6

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Working within Logic 9 & 10.6

Postby pdcreative » 05:17, 18 January 2010

I have a mac pro running latest logic, fantom g6 (as controller) and a sonic cell.
for the life of me I can't get the sonic cell to work as an AU plugin. If I use external instrument, it works fine except I can't figure out how to get bank changes. All drivers and info is up to date....the once oddity here is that I'm NOT using the sonic cell as an audio interface, just as a midi instrument. connections are Fantom G6 usb to computer, sonic cell usb to computer audio interface is firewire.
any thoughts?
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Re: Working within Logic 9 & 10.6

Postby javaj_ » 18:10, 24 January 2010

May I suggest trying to run the SC via MIDI through your G6. I was unable to run my X-station (USB) and my SC (USB) at the same time. This was under Windows though and I have yet to actually connect my new setup together (don't have a room to setup my new studio gear yet). Also, I do wonder if the device ID setting of 17 is an issue (as I believe all Rolands are set at 17). You might want to look into that (it might be as simple as changing the device id on the SC to something other than 17 in the setup menu on the SC).

Second thing to look at is if the G/DAW is passing midi through to the SC.

Tell me how it goes.
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