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Sonic cell and Roland DB90

Postby grob » 13:25, 18 January 2010

Hi Guys,

New to this so apologies if this seems to easy for you experts. I'm using the sonic cell as a midi file player and am trying to midi in a roland db90 to use as a click track for our drummer. Does anyone have an idiots guide, step by step work sheet showing how to do this????

Many thanks,

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Re: Sonic cell and Roland DB90

Postby javaj_ » 18:05, 24 January 2010

I preface this by saying I haven't dont this (don't need to use the SC as a player).
But, in my mind, this is what I would do.
Add a new midi track to your midi file in your daw. If you are not using all 16 channels, simply pick one that isn't being used- like channel 15- and add your click every qtr note (of course with the first beet being a higer pitched click if that is how your drummer likes it- I have heard of drummers preferring the higher click on beat 4).
Then, make sure that the SC performance is not playing channel 15 (turn the vol down if so).
Plug the SC's midi out to the DB90's midi in and set the keyboard to only respond to midi channel 15.
Now play and see if it works.
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